Vehicle Trackers

Vehicle Trackers

Fleet Dynamic offers a comprehensive vehicle tracking system that is fully integrated and available for a monthly fee per device. (Minimum 12 month hire period). This enables us to provide each account with secure access to view your entire fleet in real-time locations and allows you to receive alerts for events, such as vehicle accidents, speeding and harsh braking.

Full Integration

View tracking data directly from Prohire, preventing the need to log into separate systems.

Tracking Portal

Provide account customers with secure access to real-time locations and alerts for vehicles currently on hire.

Mileage Notifications

Receive a notification if a vehicle or booking is going to exceed its allocated mileage.

Automatic Alerts

Receive and view automatic alerts for events such as crashes, speeding and harsh braking.

Fleet View

View your entire fleet in real-time and access additional information such as current speed and mileage.

Historic Journeys

View historic journeys and associated events such as speeding, harsh braking and geofence alerts.


Receive automatic alerts when a vehicle enters or exits a pre-defined geographic boundary.

Crash Reports

A crash report is generated automatically if the system detects a crash event.

Tracker Fleet Overview
Vehicle Location
Vehicle trip Information

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