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Vehicle Rental

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Our Selection of Vehicles

Whatever you need, whenever you need it. Daily rental from Fleet Dynamic stands for reliability and flexibility.

Fleet Dynamic is a leading provider of vehicle rental solutions, no matter the period we have the rental solution. Our comprehensive rental service includes car hire, small, medium, and large vans for hire as well as tipper and box vans. In addition, we also provide a full range of specialist vehicles including Welfare units and adapted buses.

Rental Tailored for You

Fleet Dynamics is a Wigan based vehicle rental company providing a wide range of vehicle types, from compact cars to multi-seater minibuses. We also provide fleet management services. Our team will manage your fleet of vehicles for you, provide management training to your fleet managers, and can conduct licence checks as well as providing policy and other documents. We offer much more than car hire for Wigan businesses.

Choosing the right vehicles is important to the smooth operation of your business. Cars are suitable for executive and sales travel, while minibuses can be used for transporting groups of employees. Specialist vehicles like tippers and box vans are suited to particular job types, while modern salary release schemes may also offer access to vehicles in exchange for a portion of a person’s salary. Whatever your business vehicle rental needs, Fleet Dynamic can meet them.

Fleet Hire

Every business has different vehicle and fleet hire requirements. Fleet Dynamic can provide pool cars and cars for the sales and executive teams, vans and trucks for deliveries, and minibuses for transporting groups of people.

Using van and car rental, Wigan, means that you can avoid the costs associated with managing and maintaining your own fleet. You don’t need to invest in buying the vehicles, spend time searching for the most appropriate makes and models, and if your vehicle requirements change in the near future, you don’t have to worry about depreciation when selling unsuitable vehicles to buy new ones.

Car Hire Wigan

Using Fleet Dynamic for car rental to satisfy your pool or business fleet requirements means that you can access well-maintained vehicles that are replaced regularly with a new vehicle. This enables you to maintain a professional image while ensuring that travelling and remote employees, including sales, executive, and even members of the engineering team, have access to functional and good quality cars.

We offer access to a wide range of cars for hire, including compact and executive models. Compact cars attract lower monthly leasing costs and typically cost less to run. They are especially well suited to shorter journeys, for example city driving. Larger vehicles, like business saloons, provide greater comfort when covering distance. These are typically used by sales and executive teams. Mid-range vehicles combine the benefits of both affordability and comfort.

Van Hire Wigan

For deliveries, and also when tools or equipment need to be transported, vans are a better fleet hire option. Choose the make and model of van according to the amount of internal space there is, as well as features like fuel consumption. Choosing a smaller van may mean that you save on monthly hire costs, but it could also increase the number of trips you have to make which will increase upkeep and petrol charges and could lead to late deliveries.

Although you can typically enjoy van rental over a 2 to 4 year period, or even opt for daily and weekly rental periods, you should consider your future requirements. If you are currently expanding, then you may have need of additional space in the coming months. Preparing for this when you take out your business van rental contract means less hassle in the future.


Minibuses are used for transporting groups of people. You can transport employees to work sites, or you can offer a transport service using these vehicles, as long as you have the right insurance in place.

Choose your minibus hire according to the number of people you will regularly need to transport, and also whether you need to transport any other equipment or items. An MPV can hold up to 7 people, including the driver, and offers greater comfort levels: ideal for longer journeys. Minibuses, on the other hand, have up to 17 seats, allowing you to transport much larger groups of people at a time.

Specialist Vehicles

At Fleet Dynamics we also offer specialist vehicle and van hire in Wigan. Box trucks with tail lifts are most commonly used for removals. If you do not want to face the large initial outlay associated with buying your own vehicle, or if you have a short term need for a specialist removal vehicle, you can enjoy competitive prices on quality models of specialist vehicle. Tipper trucks are used to move large volumes of earth and rubble, for removing waste and recycling from work sites, and for other heavy duty applications, and we can supply these for your business too.

Tailored Rental

Whatever your vehicle requirements, Fleet Dynamic can meet them. As well as offering a selection of vehicles, we also tailor our vehicle rental packages to meet the needs of every individual client. However, many vehicles you need, whatever type you want, and whether your need is short- or long-term, we offer competitive prices including cheap van rental Wigan businesses can benefit from.

Short term rental enables you to meet one-off requirements, while long-term rental tends to offer lower daily rental rates. Shorter rentals allow you to change vehicles as frequently as you need, in order to meet your business needs but if you don’t see your needs changing in the near future, then longer term rentals are likely to offer the best value for money.

About Fleet Dynamic

Fleet Dynamic offers car and van rental in Wigan, as well as fleet management services for businesses around the country. Choose vehicles to meet your business needs, and the rental terms that best match your structure and current requirements. Call us today to discuss your requirements, and to see how we can help manage all of your business needs.

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