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Vehicle Leasing

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Fleet Dynamic is a major national leasing company providing complete vehicle solutions we have the expertise, in-depth knowledge of standard and specialist vehicles to drive your business further.

Our team of experts provide a comprehensive service to support businesses operating cars, light commercial vehicles, and heavy goods fleets, providing cost effective and efficient solutions. We can help investigate the most effective funding solution for your fleet, working with you to provide specialist advice and support in vehicle specification to match your business needs.

Built on over 20 years of industry experience.

We are a dynamic and caring team of experts, committed to making your life easier. We are able to offer an unrivalled choice of leasing options to suit your requirements.




On balance sheet vehicle leasing solutions

If vehicles are on your balance sheet, the value of your assets will be increased, these funding methods are ideal for asset-light businesses that want to benefit from the cash advantages of vehicle leasing.

Off balance sheet vehicle leasing solutions

If vehicles are on our balance sheet rather than yours, you will have less tax liability and will not have to worry about depreciation – perfect for businesses that want to run company vehicles, but don’t want to own them.

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